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Jiyeon Park

I am a storyteller. I value solid draftsmanship and strong communication.



2022 NETFLIX Animation, Jentry!, 2D action animation, Story Artist

2022 SkyDance Animation, Unannounced 3D TV series, Revisionist

2022 Titmouse, Rip Digman, 2D action animation, Storyboard artist for S1

2021 The Deadheads, Storyboard artist for EP3-4

2021 Titmouse, Pantheon, Revisionist

2021 Psyop, Tacobell Nacho cheesefries(AD), Story artist 

2020-2021 Tencent Games, PUBG Promotional 3D Short, Story artist, Character Design

2020-2021 Gadget-Bot, Kaidro: the Webtoon, Story artist/ Layout Artist/ Character Design

2020 Sony Pictures Animation, Boondocks 3D Animation TV series, Revisionist

2020 Sony Pictures Animation, Story Trainee

2019 Swatch®, advertisement storyboard

2019 The Survivor: Short Film, storyboard, story

2018 Art Center, teacher’s assistant for Reynaldo Bustos’ anatomy class

2018 Art Center, teacher’s assistant for Robert Kato’ s figure rendering class

2017 Infinite Saga, comic book cover illustration





2020 Art Center College of Design, May graduation, Entertainment- Concept Design

2020 Mentored Study with Alan Wan, Storyboarding for TV Production

2019 Mentored Study with Jay Oliva, Cinematic Storyboarding, Directing & Screen Writing



          Grants & Awards

          2018 Korean Town Society Scholarship award

          2018-2019 Provost’s list: Art Center College of Design

          2017-2019 Honda’s Scholarship award

          2016 Dean’s List: School of Visual Arts, NY





Storyboard Pro, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Sketch Up, Language: Fluent in English and Korean.




Japanese classic animation style, Martial arts, action heroes.

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